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Welcome to Leini Live's Homepage

Leini Live is an acoustic solo-musician (Guitar and Voice) from Austria. His focus points to songs which have earned cult status through the years. His playing style is a hybrid mixture of fingerstyle and hard flamenco style strumming technique. His quite powerful but soulful voice adapts always to the expression of the songs. His repertoire contains quite a lot of known songs which are sadly not performed live by other artists these days anymore.

Real Name: Peter Leinfellner

Born: 26th October 1968

Hometown: Bärnbach (Styria, Austria)

Job: Microchip-Layouter at amsAG

Hobby: Is there anything else than music and art ?

Favourite quote: Constant bar measure and speed within one song is for softies:)

Music since: guitar since he was 8 years old, vocal many years later

Kind of music: Austropop with ambitious lyrics and common songs with cult status

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